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Standup 5/13/2009: Whole Lotta Blog Edition

Interesting Things

  • Webrat + Selenium + IE7 => FAIL – The problem is in the file label.js, which is custom matcher code that Webrat injects into Selenium at run-time (EEK –ed.). That code was not IE7 compliant. The team decided to fork Webrat, pull out selenium-rc and use their own selenium-rc gem to solve the problem. There’s a Lighthouse ticket for this this issue.
  • For those of you upgrading to Rails 2.3, one team had a large chunk of issues that made the upgrade take over a day. They had myriad issues with: Polonium, RSpec, & Cucumber. Another team reports that ActiveScaffold also made things difficult. Before you point to DHH’s RailsConf 2009 Keynote where he said “Don’t upgrade if things are working”, the former team wanted to use…
  • default_scope – This is a great idea, but it’s not yet ready for prime time. It can’t be arbitrarily chained with ActiveRecord associations (much like acts_as_paranoid was originally implemented) – so you need to add calls it to the end of your chained association & scoping calls. Which doesn’t really make it default, does it?
  • Think that your brand new download of RubyMine is a little slow? Make sure you have Java 1.6 installed, then open the plist file (locations vary by host OS) and change the value that says 1.5* to 1.6*. The Mine will now require Java 1.6, which is known to have snappier garbage collection. (I tried this today and found fewer beach balls of tranquility. YMMV. –ed.).
  • Stack Overflow DevDays were announced. It’s a set of one-day conferences with San Francisco’s being October 19th.


Is Rails’ built-in protect_from_forgery worth using? Does anyone turn it off?

The overall consensus is, “Of course we use it! Why would you turn off this default?” Well, It’s a little bit of pain when you’re constructing your own Ajax requests – it breaks perf tests, but it’s turned off for other tests. You may get Invalid Authenticity Token exceptions. (Joseph?)

How do you aggregate results of background tasks in a nightly report?

At least turn on the cron flag for emailing you results of cron jobs. Or, look at Delayed Job. Since tasks live in the database, you could make a status page or have another job to mail a report.

  1. Erik Ostrom says:

    I tried the RubyMine trick on OS X. In Activity Monitor, RubyMine is now listed as “Intel (64-bit)” instead of plain old Intel, and its VSIZE is doubled from almost 2G to almost 4G. Might be an illusion, but subjectively, it feels like it’s swapping a lot more. Just to amplify your YMMV.

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