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Standup 5/20/2010: More about SEO routes

Ask for Help

“Any clever ways to catch out of bounds exceptions from Solr?”

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s Solr question. After some investigation, it looks like none of the major providers catch out of bound exceptions for very large numbers. Rather than instrumenting every Ruby call with validations to prevent these numbers from getting into Solr, are there any other brilliant ideas?

Interesting Things

  • Follow-up to the help from 5/19/2010’s SEO routing question. The latest hotness appears to be FriendlyId ( This plugin makes human-friendly slugs and comes with a variety of interesting features, including versioning and slug scoping.

  • Power RubyMine commands:

Goto File + line #: If you use ctrl-shift-N to go to a file, try typing in a line number after a colon, something like “my_file:30″. You’ll end up on that line.

Analyze stack trace: This tool lets you paste in an external stack trace, and gives you the ability to browse to all of the pieces of that stack trace.

  1. Adam Berlin says:

    Solr help if you’re using Sunspot:

    Check out

    We created a custom SessionProxy for trapping exceptions coming from Sunspot searches.

    Adam Berlin

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