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Standup 5/24/2010

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Identify and uploaded files

Running identify on uploaded files sometimes fails, because by the time identify gets hold of the file, the file extension has been lost (it has been written to /tmp or the like).

The suggested workaround was to see if the filename specified in the Content-Disposition header, if present, could be carried through to the temporary file.

Interesting Things

  • Amazon has recently introduced a reduced-durabilty pricing tier for S3 storage, with significant discounts available to those who can live with 4 9’s versus 11 9’s of reliability. This seems like a win for things like thumbnails, which can easily be re-created from the originals on the off chance that they were actually lost by S3.

  • Rails 2.3.7 is out, but it doesn’t play nice with HAML just yet. Projects using HAML should avoid upgrading until those incompatibilities are ironed out.

  1. Josh Susser says:

    Actually, Rails 2.3.6 doesn’t play nice with HAML. Rails 2.3.7 is HAML-friendly – that’s why there was a quick version bump just a day later. But the dust is still settling on the rails_xss plugin and html_safe changes, so you might want to wait and see.

    Discussion here:

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