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Standup 5/27/2011 Hack For Change, Guiderails goes public, Jenkins & Jasmine jems


*Is there a way to change the URL that CCRB pulls from when it builds?

“Use Jenkins” (we will be standardizing on Jenkins in the near future anyway)

Apparently the answer has been found successfully in the past by grepping through the Ruby portion of the CCRB source.


  • Hack For Change, sponsored by is inviting engineers and designers to spend 24 hours to build a web or mobile app that can help advance positive change. Top-rated hacks will be awarded a total of $10,000 to ensure their continued success and will gain recognition through widespread media coverage and promotion.

  • Guiderails: Pivotal’s Rails 3 Templates, has been made publicly available on GitHub.

  • While there is not consensus on how hash tags in URLs that are being redirected should be handled, Safari stands apart from most other modern browsers by throwing them away entirely.

  • When configuring a new project for Jenkins, remember to specify the branch to build, otherwise Jenkins will try to pull and build all branches from the repo.

  • Jasmine has a bug in its “runs and waits for” construct that causes it to ignore changes to the defaults for the timer and message on the “waits for” block.

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