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Standup 5/3/2012 Time, time and more time


“How do I avoid timing problems while doing integration tests on single page apps?”

  • Use a wait_until block with a selector which has not been cached.
  • Use a wait_until block with a piece of javascript using evaluate_script which you expect to return when your page is finished loading.
  • Use a wait_until block which waits for all AJAX to stop using $.ajaxStop().


  • Time.parse(invalid) will throw an exception, but will return nil. Because Time.parse is part of the Ruby library while is part of Rails.
  • parallel_tests really does speed up your tests. It munges all the output together into an ugly mess though.

  1. Erik Hanson says:

    I tried parallel_tests but found Specjour easier to deal with. I also found that tests didn’t speed up much until I put MySQL on a RAM disk (might be unnecessary if you’re using an SSD)

  2. Jim Kingdon says:

    What Erik said and curious whether other people have tried specjour. I’ve seen a lot of custom setups for running specs in parallel but surprisingly few things which are off the shelf or nearly so.

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