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Standup 5/6/2008

Ask for Help

  • RSpec only Hoe?” How do you convince Hoe to only run specs and not tests?
    • In the distance a dog barks…
  • “Is there a fun way to learn Ruby?” I have a 500 page book, but is there a fun way to learn Ruby?
    • (various pivots look at each other) “Pairing…of course”
  • “Use RSpec to verify deployment?” Previously I used Rspec with JRuby to create stories for a java project. It would be nice to have a deployment story. The plan would say “apache goes here”, “mongrel goes there”, “mysql goes over there”. You could show the plan to your customer printed on a piece of paper and you could run it to do the deployment.

  1. Ryan Davis says:

    What does hoe have to do with rspec? Could you rephrase the question? Don’t you get a ‘spec’ task from rspec that you include in your rakefile?

  2. Chad Woolley says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for responding. This was my question. Actually, now that I take the time to look at it I understand the problem more.


    I want to use Hoe to gemify a project that has only specs. I have a “spec” task which runs my specs, and ONLY my specs.

    In Hoe, I can override p.test_globs = [‘spec/**/*_spec.rb’].

    However, Hoe’s run_tests method still requires test/unit, which makes Hoe (ZenTest, I guess?) spew a bunch of warnings when rspec 1.1.3 is required in my spec (e.g. …testcase.rb:30: warning: method redefined; discarding old suite)

    Yes, this is partially rspec’s problem by not having clean code and causing ZenTest to complain, but also Hoe should not force me to require test/unit if I don’t need it.

    Also, this approach does not work for rake audit.

    I could solve this by writing a test/test_all.rb wrapper for my specs, or by monkey-patching Hoe in my Rakefile, but both of those are ugly. I want to have a simple solution in which I can tell Hoe to just run my specs, and not do anything with Test::Unit.

    Not sure how or if you’d want to implement this in Hoe, if you have opinions or give direction I could try a patch.

    — Chad

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