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Standup 5/7/2008


  • JsUnit has been updated” A new feature available on trunk is a “modern” ui. The modern ui has 2 panes, with errors and failures listed on the left. Clicking on an error displays details on the right. Get this by 1) installing trunk, and 2) specifying “ui=modern” as a parameter.

Screen grab of old and new ui for jsunit

Ask for Help

  • help: “Selecting an iframe with Selenium RC fu It appears that selenium has the ability to select an iframe, but it doesn’t work in selenium rc fu.
    • answer: Apparently the selenium provided in selenium rc fu is an older version

  1. Joe Moore says:

    Prettiest. Standup. Post. Ever.

  2. Chad Woolley says:

    Dude, I was just going to say the same thing.

    Kelly has raised the bar for Standup Post finesse, artistic sensibility, and overall pithiness.

    “In the distance, a dog barks…”

    — Chad

  3. Paul Zabelin says:

    We just upgraded selenium server to 0.9.2 from 0.8.1 on funkytown plugin.

    Performed changes
    selenium_server_jar: vendor/plugins/seleniumrc_fu/bin/selenium-server-0-9-2.jar

    Couple of more files changed by search and replace 0-8-1 to 0-9-2, including selenium context and rake task.

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