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Standup 6/2/2010: RubyMine integrates with Tracker

Interesting Things

RubyMine Integration
RubyMine is integrating with Pivotal Tracker! Beta version 2.5 lets you follow stories through the IDE’s task tool and tags your source control comments with the current tasks. It’s nice to see the title of your current story as you work. I’m excited to see what deeper integrations lie ahead. This screenshot shows what it looks like selecting a story through the menu item Tools > Task > Open…
Selecting stories through open task autocomplete.

Preview Woes

In the the process of pulling assets out of a PDF we’ve noticed Preview crashes opening files larger than 45MB. Adobe Reader opens the same files without problems. Has anyone else had problems with Preview?

I ran into that issue and used the PDF optimizer in Acrobat to pull-out unnecessary markup and compress the images. That seemed to take care of the issue for Preview.

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