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Standup 6/21/2010: A Monday morning assortment


A pivot asks if anyone has used any of the multitude of grid frameworks in a production site. Assorted developers have used and liked Blueprint, Compass and 960 grid. Blueprint was the most used, but no one had any complaints. It seems that often times people think they need a grid when really they just want a three column layout.


Another pivot reports that they are very happy after setting “paste and match style” to the default behavior for Cmd-V. The peanut gallery pointed out that you might want to paste without matching styles occasionally, and it was decided this would be an acceptable use of the mouse when it was necessary. Read more at Thaweesak

And an anecdote

The paste and match style discussion reminded another developer of a time when they were trying to compare two things pasted from terminal. They learned the hard way that there are character encoding or other issues that caused cause the diff to not include all the differences that they were looking for.

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