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Standup 6/22/2010:


  • Don’t put your expectations on a proxy, as the proxy might not get called in your code as the proxy may have turned into a real object by the time you use it. The right thing to do is to put your expectations on your proxy target, and you can do this on either either the target or proxy_target of the proxy object. Proxy_target is strongly preferred by some pivots.


  • One project in the office is deploying varnish to EY Cloud, and was wondering if anyone else had gone down this path before. There is a EY Cloud chef recipe for varnish, but it is not supported thus changes with EY cloud may break it in the future.


  • A pivot warns that the recent facebooker gem (1.0.70 and 1.0.71) come with a gemspec that reports version 1.0.67. This causes bundler and RubyMine to both be very confused. If you find yourself in this situation complain loudly and then remove all previous version from your system.

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