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Standup 6/22/2011: Cache bust revisited

Ask for Help

“How do you make sure that an Android activity registered for an intent is always shown when that intent occurs? If the app is running and another activity is visible, the intent doesn’t seem to have any effect.”

There was one suggestion to try making the activity a singleton.

“What is the recommended way to cache bust assets referenced in CSS files?”

  • Use a sass function to append the cache bust value to the URL
  • Use css_asset_tagger plugin. This won’t work on read-only file systems like Heroku.
  • Rails 3.1 is adding asset management features, so keep an eye out for that.

Interesting Things

  • You can use a selector drawable to set Android text color for the various states (focused, selected, etc.) using a drawable xml file. Intellij will complain and say this is invalid syntax but the application will use the file as you would expect. This only seems to work for the android:textColor attribute in TextViews.

  • RubyMine has trouble locating code definitions for code in gems installed with bundler via a git url when using rvm. rvm puts gems installed with git into another directory that RubyMine doesn’t seem to know about.

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