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Standup 6/23/2011: The Only Way to be Sure

Ask for Help

“Why did my .profile stop being sourced? It still works if I source it by hand.

You may have created a .bash_profile, which supercedes the .profile. One solution is to include your .profile from your .bash_profile. A pattern we sometimes use for this is to include every file in ~/.bash_profile_includes from the .bash_profile

“How do I get bash to automatically answer yes to questions programs ask?

There are various ways to do this, but the short answer is to use the “yes” program built into bash.
yes | my_program

“How do you delete a file called ~
Not by typing rm -rf ~
The simplest thing is to do this through the OS file system GUI.

Interesting Things

Canvas Slow on Chrome

Canvas can get very slow on Chrome sometimes. If this happens, the only thing found to work so far is to delete the Library/Application Support/Google directory

Facebook Connect De-Auth rules

It was claimed that when a user de-authorizes your Facebook application, the Facebook API terms of service require you to delete all data about the user that you got from the API. This includes fields you pre-filled that the user then submitted.

Facebook does provide you with a de-auth callback if you want one, but there is no explicit mention of it in the ToS. The ToS does say you must remove user data “upon request” and that you have to provide a way to make such a request.

  1. Peter Lyons says:

    rm ./~

    should work fine

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