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Standup 6/28/10 – EngineYard Redis change

Interesting Things

  • Redis at EngineYardEY recently fixed a bug in their system chef scripts that was unintentionally installing Redis, so if you’re relying on it being there you may find it missing on your next deploy. EY has apparently just added a recipe for running Redis on a utility slice in ey-cloud-recipes. We haven’t tried it out yet but at first glance it looks ok. This new recipe doesn’t support running Redis on a solo instance, but it doesn’t look too hard to change it to do that.

  • Library reorganization – we here at Pivotal have a library of books we let people ‘check out’. We’ve just reorganized it a bit. Let our local librarians know if it’s working for ya.

  • Mobile meetup – there’s a mobile meetup tonight from 6-8 PM tonight at Horatius in Potrero Hill. They’re expecting people from top mobile companies including entrepreneurs, application developers, designers, marketing/business, etc – please RSVP at the Facebook to attend.

  1. Luis Lavena says:

    Re: EY and Redis. I heard at #ey-cloud channel that solo already came with it installed, so no need to change the recipe to run it.

    It also seem solo will continue shipping it.

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