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Standup 6/28/2011 – At least it's pretty inside the walled garden


  1. The the Riak Client gem uses nethttp by default. While it allows you to specify a timeout for a map reduce job, it doesn’t set the nethttp timeout for the connection to riak. This means that all requests are effectively limited to 60 seconds. The project that discovered this is switching to curb.

  2. The Mac App Store is actively hostile to business users. There is no way for us to buy software through the app store without setting up a separate account for every three computers, and then you can only reuse a credit card for three accounts. We won’t be purchasing any software through the app store that isn’t absolutely necessary until there’s a way to purchase N licenses and use those on N machines. Pixelmator is the first app to lose our business.

  1. You could easily do gift cards for the App Store. It isn’t as slick as on iOS where you have the Gift This App option, but until that (hopefully) comes to OS X, it works.

  2. Sean Cribbs says:

    I think you’ll be disappointed with Curb, as it has its own idiosyncracies that were never fully understood. Excon is the recommended HTTP backend for riak-client, curb has been removed from master. I’d be happy to backport the timeout patch to 0.9.x if needed.

    As always, please open issues on the github tracker:

  3. Adam Abrons says:

    Now apple has an app store business option:

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