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Standup 6/3/2010: Jasmine bundled with RubyRacer

Interesting Things

Jasmine bundled with RubyRacer
Jasmine is now optionally bundled with the RubyRacer gem. This lets you run Jasmine tests through Google’s V8 engine in a browser-less environment. Similarly, some Pivots paired Jasmine with Johnson and env.js to produce JazzMoney. Right now, JazzMoney is the only headless testing tool for Ruby that has DOM support, but I’m sure RubyRacer has that in mind. You can find JazzMoney here.


Does anyone know how to run specs with a certain name? We’re using RSpec to generate fixtures for our Jasmine tests and want those to be updated right before we run our Jasmine task.

You can set SPEC_OPTS with the ‘e’ flag and give it a string to match test names. Something like this: rake spec SPEC_OPTS='-e "should generate a fixture"'

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