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Standup 6/30/2011: CI via Dropbox!

Interesting Things

  • To view the CI box remotely, a client has created a script that takes a screenshot of the CI build and uploads it to Dropbox every thirty seconds. On the remote machine, the screensaver has been set to this image file in the Dropbox folder, and has also been set to refresh every thirty seconds. The inventor’s name? Rube Goldberg. Next, he will be switching to FedEX.

  • When building Android Apps with IntelliJ, the first image in the image directory (alphabetically) often fails to load, and then sporadically reappears in random places in the app. The fix: Add a very small image that appears at the top of the image directory (e.g. “aaaaaaa.png”), or don’t build with IntelliJ. Since this issue doesn’t seem to show up with command line build tools (e.g. Ant or Maven), you could probably tell IntelliJ to use one of those to build with.

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