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Standup 7/21/2010: Heroku Logs have Shorter Memory than a Mayfly

Ask for Help

“Is there a way to get better access to the logs in Heroku?”

heroku logs only displays the last 100 lines; This isn’t even enough for the full stack trace of the last error in many cases. One team is having problems using the ExceptionLogger plugin as well. Hoptoad might resolve this somewhat. We’re really looking for a heroku logs –tail, which doesn’t exist.

Interesting Things

  • RubyMine has the handy feature of showing your test failures while the test suite is still running. Unfortunately, should you try to click on a failed test to see the output, RM has a nasty habit of stealing your window to continue showing the output of the current running test. No more. You can click the little gear on the upper right corner of the left testing pane. From there you can uncheck “Track Running Test”.
  • The new RubyMine EAP has a bug where you lose your current indentation when you hit enter twice. A fix is on the way.
  • jQuery will sometimes execute the contents of script tags embedded in HTML before you attach then to the DOM. This occurs when doing a wrap or a replace, and might happen other times too.
  • Tonight is the SFRuby meetup. Rumor has it there will discussions of agile over soft serve ice cream.

  1. Trevor Turk says:

    I just use Hoptoad myself, but I remembered seeing this a while back:

    …might be something worth checking out.

  2. Brian Doll says:

    Heroku customers get New Relic Bronze for free.

    If you upgrade an app to Silver ($0.05 per dyno/hour) you get error tracking and error alerting and most notably transaction tracing among other things.

  3. Jarin Udom says:

    I had the same problem, finally just installed the free Exceptional plugin through Heroku and it’s good enough.

  4. Adam Wiggins says:

    Hey Austin, we’re keenly aware of the weakness of our current logs implementation. This has turned out to be a surprisingly non-trivial problem, but we’ve got a solution in the works which should vastly improve the logs situation on Heroku.

  5. Austin Putman says:

    Another approach is to change your logging strategy; You can log to a mongo instance (on a service like MongoHQ, for example), as suggested here:

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