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Standup 7/23/2008

Interesting Things

  • Y!Slow + Firebug + submit a form will cause the result to be pulled from cache instead of hitting your server. The workaround is to disable Y!Slow.
  • Some of our customers are requesting targeting Firefox 3, which has some rendering differences from FF2. So we’re adding FF3 to the system image with a new icon and the correct trick to let it run side-by-side with FF2.
  • On a related note, rumor is that Facebook is dropping support for IE6. So is 37Signals.
  • Interesting issues with the Globalize plugin & Rails 2.1:
    • The currency formatting code does not work at all anymore – it always uses a ‘$’
    • Their work for localizing templates, which involves injecting a fully-qualified path, breaks #assert_template. The workaround is to comment out the path injection code, but this only works if you don’t have localized templates.
  • EngineYard’s eycap gem version 0.3.6 now has better support for deploying from SVN tags
    • Deploying from tag, since the URL was different used to do a rm -rf, which takes a long time on EY’s GFS disks for large file sizes. This was causing a customer’s deploy taking ~20 minutes
    • The fix was to change eycap to use svn switch; the deploy now takes ~1 minute

Ask for Help

“Anyone seen/solved an issue with random font size increase using Firebug 1.1 or later?”

The issue is that at some point a page will render with much larger fonts and the CSS exploration won’t tell you why. The work around is to launch a browser with Firebug disabled and run it side by side with the same page in a window with Firebug enabled (restarting the 2nd window whenever the problem occurs.)

Seeing this with Firefox 2 and 3 and any Firebug later than 1.05 (which doesn’t run on FF3). This might be an issue with IFRAMEs, but we’re not sure. No data found on this via Google searches or the Firebug group. We will post there.

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