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Standup 7/23/2010: Workin' in a RubyMine, going down-down

“I’ve upgraded Firefox to 3.6 and my selenium and cucumber specs are busted. Anyone else have this issue?”

The selenium-rc jar that comes with webrat needs to be manually updated to the latest version. See prior( posts(

“Does anyone else ever get ghost files, where RubyMine shows the file as empty but other text editors show the contents, only to have the file return on its own after a few hours?”

Removing RubyMine’s cache directory doesn’t seem to help, nor does restarting RubyMine. Perhaps we can look for a “Mediocre Code Opacity: 0″ in the RubyMine display settings?

Interesting Things

If your debugger stops working in RubyMine, you may want to uninstall all your ruby-debug gems and start from a fresh copy of ruby-debug-ide version >= 3.4.7.

JetBrains often asks for a copy of the project displaying the problem when a ticket is submitted. Maybe we should set up a “RubyMine problem project”.

EngineYard is making progress on their new command-line deploy interface. If you’d like the EY web deploy interface to conform to the patterns of the CLI gem, there’s now a setting in Engine Yard to convert your project over to those rules, meaning you can deploy without re-chef-ing your server. Much faster.

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