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Standup 7/30/2008


  • We had an excellent tech talk on Vertebra from Ezra Zygmuntowicz and the folks at EngineYard. If you’ve ever been a sysadmin responsible for many boxes, you’ll appreciate the awesome potential of Vertebra…

  • NetBeans and symlinks: a team was having problems with symlinks in SVN disappearing after a client edited the project in NetBeans. No, he was not using Windows…

  • Here are some tips for working with acts_as_paranoid (We have helpers for some of these in our common libraries):

Add :scope for validates_uniqueness_of

validates_uniqueness_of :user_id, :scope => :deleted_at

Add :conditions for named_scope with :joins

named_scope :friends,
          :select => "users.*",
          :joins => :paranoid_relation,
          :conditions => 'paranoid_relations.deleted_at IS NULL',

Ask for Help

  • acts_as_paranoid isn’t upgrading well as we move to newer Rails versions. What are the best alternatives?

  • A team was is having problems getting PHP to read php.ini…

  1. jeff says:

    “A team was is having problems getting PHP to read php.ini”

    make sure you’re editing the right one, if there are multiple copies on the machine? e.g. /etc/php.ini

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