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Standup 7/30/2009: Named Sporks

Ask for Help

“We have an EngineYard slice that handles port 443 requests. From that box, we want to connect to a port 443 service, but we get directed to port 8443 instead. Any suggestions?”

We’re using the box’s external IP, beause we want to go back through the load balancer, so using the internal IP doesn’t work.

Interesting Things

  • The RubyConf CFP is out. Deadline is August 21st.
  • The named_scope changes we were struggling with have been rolled back. If you liked the behavior we were having trouble with, we submitted a patch to allow that functionality, so add your +1 to the lighthouse ticket.
  • If you are using Google hosted javascript libraries, but didn’t like all the calls to google.load(...) in your code, you can now put them in the URL in the src attribute of your script tag. Though the documentation doesn’t mention it, this works for all the libraries, including jQuery.
  • A number of issues with Spork, the rSpec server, and Desert, the Rails plugin framework, were unearthed. First, Spork requires that the string RAILS_GEM_VERSION appear in you environment file, even if it’s commented out. It uses that to know you’re running Rails. Second, because of the way Spork delays loading of ApplicationController and ApplicationHelper, any changes to them require a restart of the Spork server. And finally, because Spork and Desert both manipulate load paths, they can step on each other. Not sure if there’s a good workaround for this problem.

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