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Standup 8/10/2009: Javascript Date-Time Picker

Ask for Help

“Does anyone know of the best current Date-Time picker for Javascript?”

*Tim Harper’s Calendar Date Select was recommended for its simplicity and rails integration.

Simply install the gem and add it as a project dependency:

sudo gem install calendar_date_select
config.gem "calendar_date_select"

And insert into your Rails code:

<%= calendar_date_select_includes "red" %>

And voila, you have an intuitive time and date selector:

Date and Time Selector GUIJ

Check out the live Demo.

*Yahoo’s Javascript toolkit was determined to work well for people in need of a date and time selection GUI.

  1. Srdjan says:

    The only problem with it is that there’s no jQuery support and Tim has said that he won’t do it.

  2. Eric says:

    I used this for a while, and it is good. But I have since moved on to the datepicker built into JQuery UI, ’cause it’s pretty (and no gem dependancy). :)

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