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Standup 8/13/2009: BART Strike, etc

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“BART will be striking for an indefinite period of time starting Monday”

Somewhat scary for those of us trying to get into the city… good luck to everyone else in the same predicament.

“Has anyone used geminstaller to install Passenger?”

It appears not.


“EngineYard’s Solo offering now has a feature called quickstart”

The Solo Linux OS image which is built to run on Amazon’s EC2 apparently has a new quickstart feature that lets people drop a git repository link into their web interface and self configures things appropriately. Pretty interesting.

“RabbitMQ is a viable option for projects”

RabbitMQ has been vetted and so far has proven to be stable, fast, and reliable, despite a few things we had to iron out first. Pretty cool new technology with some good Ruby integration in the form of the amqp gem. This website had a similar experience with RabbitMQ, AMQP, and Rails.

“Rails code committers inside Pivotal now get t-shirts denoting that fact for their efforts”

Sweet ;).

  1. Chad Woolley says:

    re: GemInstaller + Passenger – I asked Josh, and this was apparently because it attempted to install (not just activate, which is fine) a gem from within config/preinitializer.rb. Usually this isn’t needed/recommended, because you should have your deploy script invoke GemInstaller.install. The install hook in config/preinitializer.rb is usually only needed for CI boxes, where your environment happens to initialize before the CI build script (cruise.rake) is invoked.

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