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Standup 8/15/2011

Ask for Help

“Where in SF should I get a pre-paid SIM card?”

A lot of Pivots in the SF office are visiting from abroad; today we had Mike from our Singapore office wondering how he can get an affordable cell plan while he’s here. The T-Mobile store at 845 Market seems to be the best place.

Interesting Things

  • Google bought Motorola Mobility! It seemed quite a few people had never even heard of this branch of Motorola before (myself included), so it was interesting to learn that Google spent $12.5B on an unknown branch. It turns out, however, that Motorola Mobility is actually just the mobile devices division of Motorola.

New Faces

  • Ian and Max are joining us as new Pivots! Welcome.
  • Mike is visiting from the Singapore office for one month — enjoy SF!

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