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Standup 8/17/2010: RubyMine shortcuts, client visible Cucumber results


  • RubyMine Keyboard Shortcuts:

    • How do I move from one side of a split editor window to the other side? Answer: Ctrl-Tab.
    • So how do I figure this out for myself?
      Helpful-Non-Answers: Cmd-Shift-A pulls up a search box that you can type in commands (e.g. “move”) and get suggestions. Preferences -> Keymap has an even better search box, and also a reverse-search (click the funnel next to the search box) that lets you type in a keystroke and see what command it is. Of course, unless you know that the thing you need is called the “Switcher”, you’re still not going to find out. Sometimes you just have to resort to interacting with another human (let’s call it “using the meat-net”). Company wide standups FTW.
  • How do I make the results of our integration tests (e.g. using cucumber) easily visible to a non-technical product owner by putting them on a web-page, a là Fit? One answer: use the –format html option, capture the output and copy to a web server. One project also has a url that a client can visit that will cause the cucumber tests to be run.

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