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Standup 8/19/09: Memcache mock and Paperclip gotcha

Ask for Help

“Does anyone have experience with memcache mock?”

Some team members are experimenting with this, and were looking to connect with people who have experience with this.

Interesting Things

  • Paperclip gotcha. Paperclip expects 3 columns. And if you don’t do this database migration, it will just silently fail.

  1. Luke Melia says:

    Not sure if it’s exactly what you mean, but we use a fake version of memcache for our cucumber tests. See the weplay fork of cache-money for the implementation. Hit me up at luke at if I can help.

  2. Matthew O'Connor says:

    Chris Heisterkamp and I wrote a memecache fake that worked well enough for simple use cases. I think Nick Kallen ended up putting a version of it into cache-money:

  3. grosser says:

    we are using this atm:

    its a bit hacky but worked good so far ;)

  4. Steve Conover says:

    I heard Cache Money isn’t done. Is that true?

  5. Luke Melia says:

    @Steve: Depends on what you mean by done. We’re using it in production. It does have some rough edges, though.

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