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Standup 8/19/2010: Bundler and RVM Gemsets, Rails 3 and JQuery, Why Day


  • Bundler and RVM Gemsets work! For a while now, Bundler has been putting gems in the system gems location (instead of a private folder as it did previously). This means that it now works well with RVM Gemsets. Use It.
  • Rails 3 & JQuery: Someone has written a nice generator that will unplug Prototype from Rails 3 and install JQuery.
  • Ruby 1.9.2 was released yesterday.
  • Today is international Why Day, commemorating the day that Why the Lucky Stiff disappeared from the online community. Interestingly August 19th is also the day that 3 witches where put on trial in Samlesbury, England in 1612 and that 5 witches where executed in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Coincidence? I think not.

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