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Standup 8/19/2011: Crazy Bugs!

Ask for Help

“Has anyone used J-Behave?”

J-Behave is a framework for behaviour-driven development in Java. Unfortunately no one in the office had experience with it.

Interesting Things

  • Spin.js is an awesome plugin that renders a spinner on your website. It’s compatible with a number of browsers (including IE6!) and seems to just work.

  • Xcode 4 has an interesting bug with code folding that seems to cause build failures.

  • IE9 understands DELETE requests, but apparently follows the redirect with another DELETE. More information is available in this blog post.

  1. Ed Gibbs says:

    I didn’t realize JBehave was still actively being developed until I saw your post. I know I’ve used a very nice BDD framework called Spock when doing java work. It uses Groovy but it interoperates just fine with Java. As far as I’m aware it’s probably the most popular BDD framework for Java currently.

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