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Standup 9/10/2009: "All Alias, All The Time"

Interesting Things

  • One team reported that Capistrano can’t deal with host aliases in .ssh/config. Others use host aliases with capistrano without trouble. The problem could be related to multiple host aliases. All this led to the statement:

    If you are working with EY, you should go all alias, all the time.

  • Problems with JsUnit and Firefox 3.5. From Adam:

    If you’re planning to use JsUnit, or you already use JsUnit
    and you plan to upgrade your Firefox to version 3.5, you
    may run into this problem. Apparently the security settings
    in Firefox were updated in 3.5 to restrict file access in a way
    that stymies JsUnit. If you don’t fix this JsUnit will fail to open
    test files, and will simply hang on tests runs, with no error
    output. To fix it:

    • type ‘about:config’ in the Firefox URL bar
    • Filter by ‘security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy’
    • Set this to false

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