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Standup 9/16/2008: Hiding divs, Hpricot hates Windows

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“We need to hide a flash widget without setting it to display:none, which causes it to be loaded from the server again when display:none is removed.”

Hit me with your div-hiding techniques!

  • Move it off the screen with position:absolute; left:-9000px
  • Shrink it down to nothing with visibility:hidden;height:0;width:0 but watch out for any IE 6 minimum height/width issues
  • Similar to the above, hide it with width:0;overflow:hidden;

  1. Tim Haines says:

    Perfect timing on hiding divs – was about to implement first thing this morning, and didn’t know about the flash reloading.

    Quick note – for valid css, the left: -9000 needs a unit, so make it left:-9000px

    left: -9000 doesn’t work in FF 3.


  2. Joe Moore says:


    Nice catch — fixed!

  3. Aaron says:

    Was there something in this standup about the coolest “share this” Rails plugin…?

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