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Standup 9/17/2008: IE is so Web 1.0

Interesting Things

One client decided that Web 2.0-style rounded corners are only needed in Firefox and Webkit-based browsers because they are “free” with CSS properties built in for those rendering engines: -moz-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius. Internet Explorer is going to be left in the 1.0 world, at least for now, due to the over head of managing rounded corners.

Feel free to promote your personal favorite rounded corner techniques in the comments.

  1. In the interest of not being tied to a specific technique, I created a helper ‘component’ for rendering the contents of a block inside a partial. Got that concept from one of Ryan Bates’ railscasts. By accepting a :class option, the helper will load up the appropriate partial. This way you can add any number of rounded box techniques just by creating a new partial and adding the .css required.

  2. AW says:

    I did that once.

    Frankly I’ve stopped caring what it looks like on IE so long as it’s usable. But, then again, most sites I work on are targeted towards the kind of people that would use either a Mac (Safari) or Firefox.

  3. Bill Lipa says:

    I just wrote an article about how to use the CSS3 border-radius properties in Safari and Firefox, while using alternate CSS to fall back to corner images in IE. The HTML is the same in both cases.

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