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Standup 9/21/2009: Cabulous


  • Cabulous is going into beta: UpStart Mobile, makers of Find my Friend are releasing the beta of Cabulous: “A mobile application that gives cab drivers and their passengers the peace of mind of seeing exactly where each other are from hail to pick-up.”. Now that’s what I call handy. The Cabulous beta is being held in San Francisco, California in November/December 2009.

  1. zlu says:

    i’ve been using taxi magic, which works really well at this economic donwturn. but judging from the video, cabulous provides a direct connection between driver and patron, which is pretty amazing. i hope gps hardware is good and consumption of battery life is low.

  2. John Wolpert says:

    Thanks Sam and Zlu,

    We sure will work hard to keep battery consumption low.

    Just signed up 30 new drivers. Remarkable how many drivers now have iPhones – official count on a now statistically valid sample = 25%.

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