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Standup 9/23/2009: Multiple Rubygems Versions, Abstract AR Classes


How do you deal with an old, soon to be retired codebase that requires old versions of rubygems and rake, and a new codebase that requires new version of rubygems and rake, on the same machine?


  1. Have two separate Ruby installations (each with its own gems).
  2. Don’t. Use two machines. Optimize for developer resources rather than hardware, the former being much more expensive than the latter.

ActiveRecord Abstract Class doesn’t work with validations?

AR allows you to set abstract_class = true. The makes the class uninstantiable, i.e. you can’t create instance of the class, you have to create a subclass of it and create an instance of that.

However, if you create an abstract class that contains validations, then subclass it, the subclass produces errors when attempting to validate. This features does not seem well thought out.

Has anyone used Capistrano to deploy to a load balanced EC2 cluster?


  • Follow the “deploy to localhost” path.
  • Use Cap for bootstrapping and Chef for configuration.

  1. “Use two machines” -> Use two VM’s. I’ve been pretty happy with that.

    Make the VM image available for download -> special software installation only required once, developers are all ready to go.


  2. Jack Dempsey says:

    I’ve recently been using rvm ( with nice success. If you can’t afford the hardware and don’t want to run multiple vm’s, give rvm a try.

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