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Standup 9/27/2010: Careful with S3 wildcard certs and bucketnames

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“Does anybody have solutions for a public sandbox?”

They want people to be able to modify their data, but want the data to roll itself back to the clean state at specific times, or after certain events have happened.

Some people are having problems with the latest RubyMine EAP build. When using our standard keyboard map they are unable to make new lines, they have to use Shift-Enter.

Interesting Things

  • People have good things to say about
  • A team ran into a problem with https and S3. Using the syntax instead of the syntax can fail when using https if your bucketname has too many segments. This is a known limitation of wildcard certificates.

  1. Mike Grafton says:

    Re: the S3/HTTPS thing: to elaborate, the problem you’ll encounter is that browsers (and other clients) will think your certificate is invalid. So don’t name you bucket

    …if you are combining the S3 “virtual hosting” URL style with HTTPS.


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