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Standup 9/29/2009: "Half The Battle" edition

Ask for Help

“Has anyone run into issues moving their SVN project to git, where externals move to submodules, and multiple team members’ check-ins keep screwing up merges & pulls?”

Why, yes. Many folks have. And Pivot Sam has written up a nice how-to over here.

Interesting Things

  • Ruby eql? vs. == vs. equal in Ruby

Plenty of discussion of this in other places, so I won’t recap.

However, note that Numeric classes cast when calling ==, but not when calling #eql. Which means (he says, pretending to fire up irb):

>> 1.0 == 1
=> true
>> 1.0.eql?(1)
=> false

It looks like the gems are still not building yet, which meant that you’ll need a gem server in the meantime. Say, one at Rubyforge, which is where you should be releasing your gems anyway.

  • Public Service Announcement: your named_scope‘s get evaluated when the class is loaded, not when an instance is created.

So, for example, if you’re building a named_scope for “articles posted in the future” and want to use, do it in a lambda. Now you know.

  1. Your PSA just solved a problem I’ve been trying to figure out for a while. Thanks so much!

  2. Just wanted you guys to know that I linked you up, thanks again for the named_scope heads up.

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