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Standup Blog 11/25/2009: Cursor disappears in textarea on Firefox, underscore.js, iframe and Facebook connect on Safari

Ask for Help

“How do I get the cursor to appear in Firefox after resizing a textarea?”

After resizing a <textarea> using jQuery with an animation, you can type in the <textarea> but the cursor is gone.

Ideas to try include resizing the <textarea> without animation, and try triggering a blur or focus event.

“Is anyone using underscore.js to add enumerable support with jQuery?”

Nobody here has tried it officially yet, looks promising.

Interesting Things

  • <iframe> and Safari

Seeing this in Safari only which has a more strict default setting to handle same origin policy. If you load a page from your own site with an <iframe> with a page from another site, that other site is not able to set cookies, and is is a problem on one project trying to use Facebook connect in an <iframe>. The solution was to redirect the entire page to Facebook connect, and then redirect back, which is not an ideal user experience.

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