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[Standup][NY] 08/23/12: So Long And Thanks For All The Pong


Airbrake integration for Pivotal Tracker

You can pull errors from Airbrake into a PT project as bugs utilizing PT’s “Integrations” feature.
Updates from PT can be propagated back to Airbrake. pixel pattern-making tool is a neat little web app that helps you make patterns for background images.


A gem that helps you optimize N+1 queries and find unused eager loaded queries


Thursday: Hardware Hacking Group Lunch

We’re going to review setting up the Arduino environment and look at the beginnings of our first project, the Vim Clutch aka Pivedal.

Thursday: The First Annual Summer Intern Farewell Table Tennis Memorial Tournament

In honor of our interns who will be departing soon, the NY is holding an office-wide ping pong tournament to decide for once and for all who the best ping pong player is.

Direct questions to Acting Commissioner Somers or Acting Deputy Vice Commissioner Goddard.

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