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[Standup][NY] 08/24/12: Penultimate Summer Friday News


FactoryGirl ignored attributes

Ignored/transient attributes are attributes you can pass into a FactoryGirl constructor that you couldn’t pass into a normal model constructor.

They helped us eliminate a lot of setup having to do with associations.

Check it out:

Suman is the champion! (still)

Suman defended his title and defeated Berry in the finals of the First Annual Summer Intern Farewell Table Tennis Memorial Tournament to win his second championship. Thus a ping pong dynasty is born.

Date.current (respects time zone) vs. (no time zone) and are Ruby, and do not respect time zone.

Be careful when using things like and Date.tomorrow, because these are ActiveSupport methods that DO respect time zone.

If you’re comparing to, these are not equivalent. Use Date.current.

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