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[Standup][NY] 12/14/2011 — Nyan can reaches 5 million seconds tomorrow at 4:53pm


  • Git 1.7.8 is out!
  • We have a new gong in the office!
  • When using Timecop.timetravel in your tests, make sure that you use before setting up your test data. Otherwise the data could potentially be created before that time existed!
  • git whatchanged gives you a normal git log with a list of changed files.


  • Rails console history is crazy! On opening a new session, and pressing up for history, random data appears from history, many eons ago. Two files are written to with each rails command -> irb_history and irb-history. Any idea what’s going? Some people think that it might the interaction with wirble.

  1. re: `git whatchanged` – i like `git log –stat` better, personally. shows how many lines were added/removed (relatively), as well.

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