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Standup 03/29/2012: Virtual Foreign Keys?


  • Active Record belongs_to will not raise an exception if you haven’t run a migration to create the foreign record column. Instead it will assign a virtual attribute that persists through object reloads, but obviously not a fetch. Watch out!
  • RSpec was not raising an exception when some of our pivots were calling update_attributes with an attribute that didn’t exist. Debugging inline and using the command line will raise exceptions. So again, watch out!
  • The first parameter on an RSpec double is arbitrary in nature, but helps other developers understand what you’re thinking. Keep everyone happy by naming it something useful.
  • Our Pivots dominated at dodgeball last night, with Cathy taking out the other team in a sudden death gladiator round. We’ll be keeping the dream alive Monday next week.


  • Some pivots need after deploy tasks to run on their heroku instances. Suggestions were to check out heroku_san which has support for additional tasks and great hooks (it’s also well tested!)
  • One of the projects is having trouble setting up firesass with the Rails 3.2 asset pipeline and bootstrap-sass gem

  1. Matthew Jording says:

    firesass can be enabled for rails 3.2.x by setting

    `config.sass.debug_info = true`

    in config/environments/development.rb

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