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[Standup][NYC] 6/5/2012


“What are the reasons for using to_s vs to_str vs to_string

Dave suggested to_string is for Java developers. Cathy will look into this more today and report back.


  • Using jasmine’s pretty-print with ember.js was causing the browser to crash as it was recursively going through the object graph trying to construct a string representation of the object. Defining Em.Object.Prototype.jasmineToString() to return this.toString() fixed this.
  • We were having trouble screen sharing to some of the mac minis connected to the TVs, the screen sharing app would hang on “receiving first screen”. The fix for this is to command+k from finder and enter vnc://machine-name
  • Bootswatch is cool. It contains a bunch of different styles for Bootstrap.
  • Corey Innis has a fork of bootstrap which removes classes like span12

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