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[standup] [sf] 03/27/13: Metro DC


Sinatra Logger

We have a Sinatra app mounted on Rails. If we raise an error in the Sinatra app, it doesn’t show anywhere. Can we attach the Rails logger somehow?


Code Climate Blog: Rails Insecure Defaults

Rubymine 5.4 EAP: Rails 4, JRuby Nailgun support, and a feature requested by pivotallabs!

Check out the release announcement here:

This release also includes a small feature requested by the CloudPlanner team here at Pivotal Labs! When you create a new localization property from a view, the dialog will now default your localization file to the last one used:

Thanks to the two Pivots who up voted our feature requests (Ken Mayer and Justin Richard)! And if you never got around to up voting our team’s RubyMine feature requests, please do so now! It only takes a sec:

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