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[Standup][SF] 08/28/12: They at least strongly dislike each other


  • Recommendations for static site generators for Heroku?

It looks like there’s a lot of them – does anyone have any personal recommendations?


  • Draper and CI Reporter hate each other

This goes back to the Help a couple of weeks ago re: JSON being undefined. We blame Draper & its RSpec integration, but don’t yet have a solution.

  • eager_load and rake tasks

Eager loading doesn’t happen from rake tasks. This causes a problem if you are running in thread safe mode and dependency loading is disabled.

This has been fixed in master.

But until that is released, you can possibly branch your thread safe declaration on the existence of the $rails_rake_task global.


  • eXtreme Tuesday

Come and talk about programming, and other aspects of XP. 6:30pm

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