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[Standup][SF] 2/2/2012: When does Van Damme show up?

Interesting Things

  • When using TimeCop to travel in time in your specs, Time works normally, however DateTime will round to the nearest second. You have been warned


“What’s going on with Facebooker and :class/:class_name_?”

Normally, in an ActiveRecord class definition you can use :class_name to change the class of an association.

has_many :foos, :class_name => 'Bar'

With Facebooker installed, one project found that their project was able to use :class

has_many :foos, :class => 'Bar'

When Facebooker was removed, it all blew up. No one had a solid answer as to why this worked in the first place.

“How do can we tell if our app’s email has been marked as spam like Campaign Monitor claim to do? How else can I get spam reports?”

*”Does anyone know to get this info from ISPs?”

Services like Return Path can give you aggregate reports, but not specifics.

All other suggestions were vague and/or said “Contact the ISP.”

*”How do I sign up for Heroku with a Google Group email?”

Allow non-member emails. You want to do this before you sign up, because some Pivots have reported that they could not get a second confirmation message to be sent.

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