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[Standup][SF] 2012.05.25 – 1 git repo, 2 Procfiles, 2 Heroku Apps, CSS transitions behaving badly

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*”1 git repo, 2 Heroku apps, 2 procfiles? Heroku currently is limited to 1 procfile per repo, so we’ve created a rake task that branches, modifies the procfile and pushes. Do you have a better solution?”

Is it possible to use env variables to parameterize your Procfile?

“Capybara: How can I click on a flash dialog for webcam settings?”

This was solved by right clicking and going into flash settings and enabling this permission always for this domain. Setting this up on headless CI may be more difficult.

“I have CSS transitions that behave differently when ‘user initiated’ vs initiated from a setTimeout or other event.”

  1. Petteri Räty says:

    For the Procfile if the web command is the same then you could just name all the different commands so that they don’t collide. Otherwise foreman does not seem to use the shell for the commands so you would have to create a wrapper script that checks the environment variables and execs the proper command.

  2. Matthew Kocher says:

    Thanks, we almost implemented the script option, but figured out that we only needed to vary the since they’re all ruby apps.

    Our procfile looks something like:
    web: rackup $RACKUP_PATH./ -p $PORT

    Without rackup path set, it fires up the main rails app. We then have specific’s for each Sinatra app, and set corresponding environment variables.

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