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[Standup][SF] 9 April, 2012 – Scaling the CoderWall

Ask for Help

Has anyone used

General consensus was that people have heard of the service, but no one has used it.

Interesting Things

  • Don’t use let(:test_*) in Rspec 1. If you do, Rspec will run the let block as an assertion. Rspec 1 was retrofitted with the let framework, which creates named methods that can be lazily evaluated inside of test examples. Ruby’s Test::Unit, which powers Rspec 1, will run all let blocks unnecessarily if prefixed with “test_”. In some cases, this could make method spy expectations fail.

  • Route specs do not test for the existence of controller actions. They only check for the mapping of routes to controller actions. This is partially due to the fact that a controller method isn’t necessary for rendering a page, so a route could legitimately point to a controller without the listed action and would still work. There is a Stack Overflow discussion that explains the logic behind that decision. Integration and controller specs were proposed as alternatives to routing specs.

  • Pivotal Labs is now 24th on the CoderWall leaderboard! Further proof that we’re the awesome sauce.

  1. herval says:

    I have! (used :-)

    The project I’m working on right now (a kind of soccer social network) has a chat feature built in and we gave Pusher a try – configuration is a breeze and they have a nifty console that makes debugging and traffic analysis quite easy.

    On the first week of the service, we got to almost 5k simultaneous dudes and dudettes, pushing (pricy, ouch!) and everything worked pretty well (can’t disclose exact numbers, but we got to more than 1 msg/sec on the peak hours)

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