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Standup April 18th – Keeping fixtures fresh and Regex's encoded


Jasmine fixtures
A Pivot was bothered by the occasionally stale state of Jasmine .html fixtures. If you’re following a workflow similar to the recent Jasmine Railscast then your fixture files will undoubtable deviate from the ‘reality’ of your application. JB posted a solution that address the issue of quickly generating and loading .html fixture files, but this Pivot’s concern was having to manually kick off that process. It seems like watchr would be a good tool to monitor app/views and call one’s fixture generation process.

encoding of regular expressions in 1.9
Executing regular expressions over input of unknown encodings has caused headaches for people using Ruby 1.9. When the encoding of the regex and input differ Ruby throws an Encoding::CompatibilityError. The only solution we’ve seen is to change the encoding of either the input or expression to match the other, as seen here.

Does anyone know of a double ledger accounting gem?


  1. We ran into a similar issue at TrueCar, and have a solution. We just published it in a gist (MIT License):

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