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Longest Standup Ever

New Faces

David, Mark, and Melinda are here from a client.
Kyle is interviewing.


“Simple form translates labels. How do we get this to work in nested models?”
Check yesterday’s email for answers.
“Dev Bootcamp is teaching people how to program, the Pivotal way. They’re looking for mentors – contact Will if you’re interested. Also, Sarah is going to visit them tomorrow (Thurs) over lunch. Let her know if you want to tag along.”

  • Does anyone know how to integrate with Google analytics using Garb (Google Analytics for Ruby). Jonathan would love to chat with you.*
  • Is there a commonly accepted javascript date library? *
    Check out strf-time.js; it’s an easy way to format dates and times. It doesn’t respond to daylight savings time in the right way, though, so watch out for that.

Also, Date.js (but it might fight with ember)

  • Does anyone know of a good worker system? *
    Simple worker is one option. Others?

Interesting Things

  • In Rails 3.2 now drops your namespace out of your automatically generated form classes. Make sure this doesn’t screw up your CSS!
  • If Postgres keeps printing out warning messages for you whenever you interact with your database, place “min_messages: warning” into your database.yml file and it will shut up.

*Get your time in!
*Gold conference room is now totally hooked up. Please don’t play around with the cables yourself.
*Brown bag lunches will be on Tuesday, starting next week.
*JSHint got pulled from RubyGems, so point your Gemfile to its github account instead.

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