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Title: Standup 05/22/2009: RubyMine – CentOS – Symlink Testing – JSON gem – EY Solo

Ask for Help

“I am having trouble installing Mechaize on CentOS any tips and tricks?”

None from the pivots…

“Any good tips on testing the creation of symlinks from ruby?”

shell out and do an ls -l then parse the string to see if it’s target is correct.

Interesting Things

  • RubyMine‘s changes -> repository pane only seems to show the current users changes (SVN) instead of all changes for the repository. Showing history of a file still shows all user changes.
  • The JSON gem overrides active supports to_json method. So if you are using the built in rails JSON support and you install the gem be aware that there are differences between them.
    • Word is this is better on Edge and the gem no longer conflicts with the built-in version
  • We have started moving some of our servers to Engine Yards cloud solution, and while it is still in the early stages it is looking like a promising solution.

  1. Coda Hale says:

    Shell out for `ls -l`?

    Or, uh, use `File#readlink`.


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