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Standup 10/11/2010: checking in Gemfile.lock, chef client-server, rspec test vs. develoment, and IE7 only quirks mode

Ask for Help

“Does everybody check their Gemfile.lock into source control?”

Yes! Yehuda said so and if you don’t the earth might fall into the sun.

“Anybody have any experience using chef client-server?”

A number of people said they had seen it go down in flames and get ripped out of projects in favor of chef solo.

*”Is there a way to get IE7 to render in quirks mode, but IE8 and everything else in standards?”

Not that anybody knows of. IE6 can be triggered by an xml prolog before the doctype, but they fixed that for IE7. So your choices are IE6 and earlier in quirks and IE7+ in standard, or all IEs in quirks.

Interesting Things

  • A pivot had trouble with rspec being not be installed in development mode and getting rake spec to run right, but others had had no trouble with it in test env only.

  • You can do layouts in pure css that used to be a lot of work, like 100% height with fixed px headers/footers, using the display:table|table-row|table-cell styles.

This will work in the standards based browsers and IE8+. This means you need to use an alternative for IE7, either js, expressions in an IE only stylesheet, or a quirks-mode based layout using fixed padding. I experimented with this over the week-end and blogged about it: The new css 100% width and height with header and sidebar

  1. Josh Knowles says:

    The link to the CSS blog post appears to be invalid.

  2. Betelgeuse says:

    You could get IE7 only to quirks mode by having the markup conditional based on the user agent. Of course not an ideal solution but what is when dealing with IE any way?

  3. Tim Connor says:

    Thanks Josh, fixed.

    Betelguese, I considered mentioning that as an option, but then it’s to the point I might just use JS and forget about it.

  4. Getting chef client/server working is relatively trivial if you leverage the Opscode Platform. I would love to know what sort of stumbling blocks people are facing…the real power of chef is leveraging a server for data-driven dynamic cookbooks which leverage data that is indexed on the sever.

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